Off grid solar specialists in Mansfield Vic

Grid connect solar is still one of the better investments you can make to reduce your energy bills and add value to your home.  We conduct an energy audit on each home to work out the optimal size system.  If you have a large daytime load, eg. you have a swimming pool or work from home, solar is the ideal solution.  

Solarphase installs only quality components from the panels to the cabling, switchgear and inverter.  Our systems are guaranteed to outlast and outperform most on the market.  Each installation is followed up with a service call to check on its operation and performance within 6 months of installation.
Ground mounted solar system Mansfield Vic
9kW ground mounted system Mansfield Vic
SMA solar inverter and Tigo smart module
The latest in grid connect innovation is DC optimisation using the Upsolar Smart Module.  This allows superior monitoring of your solar system but more importantly provides a better return on your investment.  Each Upsolar panel is individually monitored and controlled via the Tigo energy management system.  The data from each panel can be uploaded to the Tigo website allowing you to monitor your system's performance from your home computer.